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GenePolymorphic allelesEffect on enzyme function
CYP1A1MspI (intron 7)Unknown
CYP1A1Val/Ile (exon 7)Unknown
CYP1B1M1 (Va1432Leu)Unknown
CYP1B1M2 (Asn453Ser)Unknown
NAT1*4Low activity (wild type)
NAT1*10High activity
NAT2*4High activity
NAT25A, *5B, *6A, *6B, *7A, 7B, *12A, *13, *13BLow activity alleles
GSTA1Al*1High transcriptional activity
GSTA1Al*B Low transcriptional activity
GSTM1Null allele No activity
GSTT1Null allele No activity
GSTP1Va1105High activity (wild type)
GSTP1Ile105Low activity
SULT1A1Arg213High activity (wild type)
SULT1A1His213Low activity
UGT1A1*1High transcriptional activity
UGT1A1*28Lower transcriptional activity
UGT1A1*33Lower transcriptional activity
UGT1A1*34Lower transcriptional activity
UGT1A6T181 + R184High activity
UGT1A6A181 + 5184Low activity

Genetic polymorphisms in dietary xenobiotic metabolizing enzymes


From: Nowell S and Kadlubar F. 'Cancer and gene variants in enzymes metabolizing dietary xenobiotics'. In: Nutritional Genomics, Edited by Flohe and Joost, copyright 2006 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.



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