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This page is the beginning of the training module for Wiki9q34 editors and writers. The wiki program that we use is called 'Oddmuse'. It has a very extensive collection of help information, mostly accessed from its Site Map.

Creating a Wiki Page

To add a new page to the wiki:

  • Edit an existing page (see below)
  • Add a word in CamelCase to the page (two or more capitalized words smashed together !LikeThis)
  • Or (much more preferred) enclose the new phrase or concept in two square brackets, like this: [[Karl Landsteiner]] which will then look like this: [Karl Landsteiner]? when you save the page.
  • Bracketing is better since it doesn't create confusion and allows for space characters.
  • Save the page!

Editing a Wiki Page

  • After having introduced the new phrase or concept into an existing page and you save the page, when the edited page is rendered, your new concept [Karl Landsteiner]? will have a question mark (?) next to it.
  • The question mark means that it is an undeveloped concept (i.e there is yet no specific page entry on that concept.
  • If you click on the question mark link you will create a new page for that concept, and be taken to that page. You can then edit that page.
  • BTW, if you go back to the original Lectins page and refresh your browser, the brackets around Karl Landsteiner will have disappeared!

A simple example of editing and creating a new entry

  • Say for example, if you saw a typo in an entry page entitled Lectins.
  • You edit the page and correct the typo, but you notice that the entry has a reference to William Boyd, but Boyd does not have a page.
  • So, being a Wiki Gnome, you enclose the phrase William Boyd in double square brackets, like this [[William Boyd]] and save the Lectins page.
  • Now, when the new Lectin page displays you will see a wiki link ([William Boyd]?) to William Boyd. Click on the ? link and now you have just created the William Boyd entry page on Wiki9q34!
  • Click on the Edit this page at the bottom of the page and you are now bringing William Boyd back to life! I'm sure that he is appreciative!

Giving Yourself A User Name

  • You can enter a user name in the field at the bottom of the entry, this will credit you for the edit or the new page creation.

Formatting Text

Creating Links

  • External links are very easy to implement in this Wiki.
  • Just enclose the link in single square brackets, with the name of the link separated by a space, like this:
    • [ The Blood Type Diet Website!]
  • The link then translates to The Blood Type Diet Website!

Cool Formating Flourishes

  • Putting an asterisk and a space character at the front of a paragraph 'bullets' it. Two asterisks indent in another level in, etc.


* Putting an asterisk and a space character at the front of a paragraph 'bullets' it. Two asterisks indent in another level in, etc.


  • Putting an asterisk and a space character at the front of a paragraph 'bullets' it. Two asterisks indent in another level in, etc.

Making chapter headings is also easy:

  • Putting four equal signs (====) before and after a heading line creates the heading and automatically adds it to the table of contents at the top of the page.


====This Is A Heading====


This Is A Heading

And adds it as a link to the Table of Contents

Adding An Image Or Graphic

  • Adding an image or graphic is incredibly easy. Just cut and paste the URL of the image! You can right click on most images to get the URL of the image. In Firefox you can copy the image location as well. Then just paste it in!


The Complete Blood Type Encyclopedia is the essential desk reference for Dr. D'Adamo's work. This is the first book to draw on the thousands of medical studies proving the connection between blood type and disease.

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