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Re: type O not assimilating protien-Dr.D.

Posted By: Mary Marcell
Date: March-24, 1998 at 12:28:55

I am in your same predicament. A year ago I was hospitalized in a hypogycemic coma three months after my third baby was born. I had pregnancy diabeties but had no idea that three months post partum my blood sugars would still be swinging wildly. During testing they found that I had protien malnourishment and I couldn't understand it considering the fact that I ate a diet high in protien. I also have asthma.....major food allergies.....bones that hurt (and now also nervous system damage due to the "shock" of no blood sugar in my body.) I found out that my liver was not functioning properly either...I found that out on my own. After I got out of the hospital I found that my skin on my hands and feet had turned pure yellow and it was starting to show up in my face. I also started to experience blood in my stools. I was a terrible mess. I had started reading some alternative therapys books about two years before this all occurred because I had experienced severe fungal infections ever since my second son was born via c section and I had been given iv antibiotics. It really devastated my body (the andtibiotics) and Ive never really been well since. Well, I had read the importance of intestinal flora and had been taking that and a few vitamins.....not knowing the true severity of my overall condition.....After the coma..I became much more radical. I never before believed in enemas.....but now started to do what I had read other people did. I did acidopholous enemas...(the good bacteria for the gut).......using an enema bag as full as i could stand....and low and liver started to function again.....all the yellow went blood sugars COMPLETELY stabilized.......I still check them sometimes but they are fine. I started taking psyllium husk right away for fiber to scrape my intestinal lining of toxins and get it back in shape. The bleeding stopped abruptly. I also found I had parasites. I had started taking grapefruit seed extract as it is an antifungal....but it also kills parasites......and I couldnt believe it.....I had tape worms and such. (Now I know through researching that parasites are extremely common in humans and unfortuneately doctors do not usually think of them as part of the cause of illness.) I will always take something to keep away parasites for the rest of my life. I'm getting my mercury fillings out in a few I have now found out through reasearch how devastating they are on the body through a slow poisoning effect. I have yet to get my levels of mercury tested and have not had my protien levels redone but when I do I'm sure there will be an improvement....for it is in the liver where your protien gets coverted into all those important amino acids..(i'm no doctor....but that is what I have read)...and even if your liver seems to be functioning properly on the standard mine could still not be converting protien properly. The "leaky gut syndrome" which I have and thus the bleeding (the walls of the intestines are not strong and allow undigested food particles to enter...and the body puts up and immune response and thus....ALLERGIES!!! ) can be improved through psyllium and/or other very strong taking acidopholus and digestive enzymes to help restore your intestinal balance. It is a long slow......but successfull get your intestines out of a toxic state....and the walls healed...and thus your entire body back on track. I have very little bone pain now....and after a year of therapy can seem to tolerate a bit of the foods I was so allergic to..though I still stick to gluten free grains...and no dairy (lactose)except yogurt thats been changed to be beneficial to the gut because of the good bacteria in it. I like being in charge of my own body and my own destiny instead of helplessly in and out of the doctor's office. I'm not against doctors dont get me wrong but Im in a much better frame of mind with the toxicity out of my system. I use to look at people who do what I do now as if they were completely looney!!! I grew up in a medical was a was a doctor of orthodontics...and all our friends were Docs.Now Iknow there is room for both fields of medicine and I woudnt be getting better if it werent for alternative!!!
Good luck!!!!

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  • Re: type O not assimilating protien-Dr.D.
    Mary Marcell -- Tuesday, 24 March 1998, at 12:28 p.m.

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