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The Blood Type Diet Archives Volume 2

Dosages, Portions, Ratios, ppm, ppb

Posted By: Joan
Date: January-22, 1998 at 20:02:02

Dear cyberfriends and fellow health seekers,

In a number of topic threads, I occasionaly see a lack of information about how
chemistry works in complex environments like a stomach or an ecosystem. There is much to be
learned on this topic, and the most expert are usually pretty humble about what they know.
There are some fundamentals however which might help us here.

I'll dive into just one for the moment:

**What makes something a medicine or a toxin is often a matter of dosage relative to the size fo the person.

For example, one item always good for a laugh in the lab whare I used to work was to read the warnings
on a bottle of lab-grade sugar or salt. Yeah, if I were handling hundred pound bags of sucrose of
sodium chloride, I WOULD wear a fack mask and goggles, because, at that concentration,
sugar or salt in my eye or lungs could cause real damage. But the warning was by law on any size container
sold for lab purposes, and I was using the stuff in volumes far less than is used in a pickle recipe.

Fluoride, which has been brought up here, happens to be an essential mineral for life for many
animals including us. It is normal to have a body contrent of 2.6-6.5 mg fluoride/70 kg body mass.
Fluoride helps store calcium and magnesium and stabilizes our use of them.
Too much is a toxin, but we need some, all the time.

I realize that we tend to look for yes/no digital answers to make our lives simple,
but that is not how it is always. When I first got on the diet, I treated it like a yes/no list and
ate beneficals, but only the ones I wanted and I wondered why I wasn't seeing too much happen.
And then It hit me. Volumes, ratios, portions. Three to five CUPS of veggies a day! Exercise!
All righty then. I started to see what it was about.


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