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Posted by: Cristina, Saturday, October 17, 2009, 5:15am
This thread contains Summary tables based on information in the 'Research on food choices for all' thread.

This thread makes it easier to keep up with the status of our research.  Any comments about the contents or possible additions or corrections to these tables are expected to be posted under the thread 'Research on food choices for all'. Only Summary tables get posted here.

Although the research started initially as food choices for Australians, it has developed into food choices for everyone in accordance to the listed foods in our respective food lists, be it BTD, GTD or SWAMIs.

In other words, if you know of any food items that have their special name in your local area, whether you are from Australia or anywhere else in the world, post your findings in 'Research on food choices for all' and we will include it in the tables, relating it to your country (or specific area).

This then can be used as a quick reference for not only us (users) but also for 'the makers', those responsible to keep our food lists updated.

So far we have created 3 tables:

Equivalent Food choices - Lists local names for food  (except fish and seafood) that are listed in Typebase, GT book or Swamis.

Non Equivalent Food choices - Food items we have identified as being popular in our local areas, but our research shows no exact match to our food lists.  These are eventually added to the 'Food to be added to Swami' thread, but in the meantime the referenced posts explain what are we doing with that food item, where we found it and any other information about them.

Equivalent Seafood choices - Lists local area names for Fish and seafood that match food items in our BTD, GT book or Swami Lists.

Also notice that most food items have a Reply No. referenced under the comments/testimonials column.  These Reply nos referred to the replies under the research thread 'Research on food choices for all'.

When we do our research about any food items listed in these tables, we try to post as much information as possible to support our decisions.  These include relevant web links, quotations and our own testimonials about a food in question. So those posts can be very informative. (book2)

:) :)

C_Sharp has kindly volunteered (clap) to do the updates to the tables for me, so I do not have to create so many posts due to the 72hr deadline normal users have. So the posted summaries will have the latest info from the research thread and there will only be the same 3 or 4 posts with the summary tables only.  Thanks C_Sharp :) :)
Posted by: Cristina, Saturday, October 17, 2009, 6:10am; Reply: 1
Equivalent Food Choices Summary
Typebase EquivalentComments
Cornish HenSpring chickenAU, NZ
Young chicken,male or female - Reply 9, 10
Dairy Products
Farmer, Paneer, Quark,
Peccorino and Manchego
same vernacularAU, NZ
Replies 225-7, 291,293
Vegetable Proteins
HazelnutHazelnutAU, NZ
Reply 325
Litchi/Litchi nutsLychees/dry LycheesAU, NZ
Reply 85
Litchi/Litchi nutsLychee stonesUK
From UK version of Swami - Reply 85
PeanutsPeanutsAU, NZ
Reply 325
Fats and Oils
Tapioca, manioc,Cassava
The granules, flour, processed product -Reply 330
Live Foods
Asparagus Pea
(Tetragonolobus purpureus)
Winged peaAU, NZ
Reply 282
ArugulaRocketAU, NZ, UK
Taken from UK version of Swami
BeetBeet RootsAU, NZ, UK
Taken from UK version of Swami
Beet GreensBeetroot GreensAU, NZ, UK
Taken from UK version of Swami
CassavaCassava tubersAU, NZ
Beware toxicity levels -Reply 330-333
Chicory (Cichorium intybus)Chicory AU, NZ
Reply 84,205-08, 268-9, 273-4
Dandelion Greens
(Taraxacum Officinale)
Common Dandelion
Reply 278
EggplantEggplantAU, NZ
Reply 325
Endive/ Belgian Endive(Cichorium Endivia)Witlof (Cichorium intybus)  AU, NZ
Reply 84,205-08, 268-9, 273-4
Endive/Curly Endive(Cichorium Endivia)Curly EndiveAU, NZ
Reply 84,205-08, 268-9, 273-4
Escarole(Cichorium Endivia)Escarole, Broad Leaf Endive AU, NZ
Reply 84,205-08, 268-9, 273-4
Grape LeavesGrape leavesAU, NZ
Reply 390
Grape LeavesHojas de ParraSpanish
Reply 390
Grape leavesFeuilles de Vigne French
Reply 390
Green BeansGreen Beans, string beansAU, NZ
Reply 325
Mushroom/ChampignonWhite MushroomsAU, NZ
Incl canned champignons, fresh button mushrooms, flat whites - Reply 139,145
ParsnipParsnip, white carrotsAU, NZ
Reply 325
Radiccio(Cichorium intybus)Red ChicoryAU, NZ
Reply 84,205-08, 268-9
Romaine LettuceCos LettuceAU, NZ, UK
From UK version of Swami
RutagabaSweedesAU, NZ
It is the yellow parsnip
Snow PeasSnow PeasAU, NZ
Reply 326
Sweet PotatosSweet PotatosAU, NZ
Reply 413
TaroTaroAU, NZ
Dangerous Toxic levels when raw - Reply 413-419
YamYamAU, NZ
Reply 413
From UK version of Swami
ZucchiniZucciniAU, NZ
Asian Pear (Pyrus Pyrifolia)Nashi PearAU, NZ
Reply 249
CherimoyaCherimoyaAU, NZ
Reply 348, 378-386
Currant Red/BlackBlackcurrant/RedcurrantAU, NZ
Not the grape variety - Reply 25,52
Specialty Melons/Charentais MelonAU, NZ
Reply 260
Casaba MelonHoneydew CasabaAU, NZ
Reply 260
Musk Melon
RockmelonsAU, NZ
Reply 260
OrangeOrangeAU, NZ
OrangeTangerine Nepal
Reply 44
PapayaPapaw,PawPaw or PapayaAU, NZ
Common Australian PawPaw or Paw Paw (not the same fruit as US PawPaw) - Reply 379-386 - 4, 5, 71
Paw PawPoor Mans BananaAU, NZ
A member of custard apple plant- Reply 379-386 - 222, 223, 224,228,230,231,234,235,236,254
TangerineMandarin/TangerineAU, NZ
CilantroCorianderAU, NZ, UK
The  herb - UK version Swami
CorianderCoriander SeedsAU, NZ, UK
The  seeds - UK version of Swami
Yerba MateYerba MateAU, NZ
Reply 346
Bakers Yeast
Brewers/Torula YeastAU, NZ
Reply 294
Nutritional Yeast
Savory Yeast FlakesAU, NZ
Reply 294
Posted by: Cristina, Saturday, October 17, 2009, 7:30am; Reply: 2
This update is up to Reply 423 in the Research of Food choices for All.

These are the fish and seafood species listed in Typebase database (and the descriptors therein) as well as listed in GTD and or Swamis food lists.  This tabled summary only includes the species we have discussed so far.

For some of these species, we have found local equivalents, and listed those accordingly.  We left blank the ones we could not find equivalents for.  Relevant country location is listed, so if your country is not listed, but you want to assist btders compatriots by providing us with your local equivalent nomenclature, join us on the research thread.

The reply numbers refer to the Replies as posted in the Research of Food Choices for All thread.

Equivalent Fish and SeaFood Choices            
Typebase EquivalentCountry/Comments
Abalone (Haliotus Tuberculata)Paua ((Haliotidae Iris)NZ
Reply 99
Abalone (Haliotus Tuberculata )(Haliotidae)Abalone: Blacklip(rubra), Brownlip (conicopora) and Greenlip (laevigata)AU
Reply 99
Anchovies (Engralis Mordax)canned AnchoviesAU, NZ
Choose the canned european variety only (Engraulis encrasicolus)
Atlantic Cod(Gadus morhua)     Atlantic CodAU, NZ
Seafood ServicesAustralia Reply 153
Atlantic Salmon(Samo Salar)Atlantic SalmonAU, NZ
Barracuda (Sphyraena Barracuda)BarracudaAU, NZ
Choose Only young  barracuda - Reply 45,50,90,101,105
Bluefish (Pomatomus saltatrix)TaylorAU, NZ
Seafood Services Australia - Reply 153
Bullhead(Ictalurus Nebulosus)NZ Bullhead (Ameiurus nebulosus)AU, NZ
NIWA Atlas of NZ Reply 157
Butterfish     ButterfishAU, NZ
Banded Scat, Barred Scat, Butterfish, John Dory, Johnny Dory, Old Maid, Southern Butter-fish, Striped Reply 45, 50, 68, 70 Butterfish. See warning on Reply 68 about toxic substitutes
Carp(Cyprinus carpio)European CarpAU, NZ
Seafood Services Australia Reply 153
Chinook Salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha )Chinook Salmon/ QuinnatAU, NZ
Reply17, 75, 181
Herrings/Atlantic (Clupea Harengus Harengus)Herrings AU, NZ
CaabTaxon code 37085790 - Reply 156
Mackerel,Atlantic (Scomber scombrus)Mackerel,AtlanticAU, NZ
Reply 45, 50, 181
Mackerel,Spanish (Scomber commerson)Spaniards/Spanish MackerelAU, NZ
Reply 181
Mahi Mahi (Coryphaena hippurus)Mahi Mahi/dolphinfishAU, NZ
Reply 45, 50, 181
Monkfish (Lophius Americanus )Speckled Stargazer (Kathetostoma canaster)AU, NZ
Reply 26,45, 50, 131, 181
Pollock (Pollachius Virens)ColeyAU, NZ
CaabTaxon code 37226796 Reply 162
Porgy (The group in general)Bream (the group of fish)AU, NZ
Reply 232,307-15
Porgy/Black Spot Seabream (Pagellus Bogaraveo)AU, NZ
Reply 307
Porgy/Red Porgy/Red Seabream (Chrysophyrs auratus/Pagrus Pagrus) SnapperAU, NZ
Reply 307
Porgy/Scup (Stenotomus chrysops) AU, NZ
Reply 307
Red Snapper (Lutjanus campechanus)Bight Redfish /Red Snapper (Centroberyx gerrardi)AU, NZ
CaabTaxon code 37258004 - Reply 232
ScrodYoung Cod FilletsAU, NZ
Taken from UK version of Swami
ShadRiver HerringsAU, NZ
Taken from UK version of Swami
ShrimpPrawnAU, NZ
Silver PerchSilver PerchAU, NZ
Reply 133
Swordfish (xiphias gladius)SwordfishAU, NZ
Reply 45, 50
Trout, Rainbow (Oncorhynchus mykiss)Rainbow TroutAU, NZ
Reply 218
Trout, Brown (Salmo trutta)Brown TroutAU, NZ
Reply 218
Trout, Brook (Salvelinus fontinalis)Brook TroutAU, NZ
Reply 218
Trout, Sea (Salmo trutta)Sea TroutAU, NZ
Reply 220
Trout, Steelhead (Oncorhynchus mykiss)Sea Rainbow TroutAU, NZ
Reply 220
Yellowfin Tuna (Thunnus Albacares)Yellowfin TunaAU, NZ
Reply 45, 50, 181
Posted by: Cristina, Saturday, October 17, 2009, 8:59am; Reply: 3
Non TypeBase Food Choices Summary
Common NameScientific NameLocationTestimonials
Fish and seafood
Australian Salmon/Kahawai(Arripis truttaceus)AU,NZReply 8,9,12,13,15,16,17,181,207
Barramundi(Lates calcarifer)AU,NZBarra,Giant Perch, Aussie seabass,Silver Jack - Reply 108,114,117
Blue MackerelScomber australasicus      AU,NZJapanece or Pacific or Spotted Mackerel, Spotted Chub - Reply 8, 213
Blue-eyed CodHyperoglyphe antarcticaAU,NZAntarctic Butterfish, Deepsea Trevally, Blue Eye Trevalla,  Reply 32,130
BonitoSarda SppAU,NZReply 215
BreamsPorgy in USAU,NZReply 329
Coral TroutPlectropomus sppAU,NZReply 221
GemfishRexea solandriAU,NZAlso Hake,King Couta, Kingfish, Silver Kingfish and Southern Kingfish Reply 26, 128
HokiMacruronus novaezelandiaeAU,NZBlue Grenadier, Blue Hake, Whiptail Hake - Reply 7
Ocean Breamnemadactylus macropterusAU.Also: Jackass, Morwong Reply 142
Tarakihinemadactylus macropterusNZ.Reply 142
Warehou, blueSeriolella bramaAU,NZReply 214
Custard Apple and similarNutritional value comparisonAU,NZReply 379
Custard AppleAnnona AtemoyaAU,NZReply 379
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