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TypeBase V allows you to research specific food values as they relate to the various systems and publications of Dr. Peter D'Adamo. These include the basic ABO blood group values, represented in Eat Right For Your Type (1996); the addition of the secretor/non-secretor distinction with Live Right for Your Type (2001), and the reorganization into epigenetic archetypes in The GenoType Diet (2007). The basic ABO values have been enhanced and updated with the release of the twentieth anniversary revised edition of Eat Right for Your Type (2017).

Search foods by entering the query into the search box. Enter any search term and TypeBase V will present you with foods matching your entry. Click on the food to go to that page. Clicking the How To link opens up a popup that explains the colors and symbols. Clicking the Index link will open up a popup window that lists all foods in TypeBase V. When a food is loaded, clicking the Analysis/Recipes link will display additional data about the food.

A box that is shaded green indicates that that food has been found to be beneficial for that type, capable of enhancing health and wellness. A box that is shaded yellow indicates that the food has been found to be neutral for that type, having neither positive nor negative effects. A box that is shaded orange indicates that the food has been found to be problematic for that type, and should be avoided or minimized.

Eat Right for Your Type (2017 revised edition)
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