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Each year, the Symposium honors an integrative healthcare professional whose forward-thinking contributions have advanced their field of practice and their community. This year, the Leadership Award will be awarded to second-generation naturopathic physician, researcher, software engineer, and author Peter D'Adamo, ND.

Dr. D'Adamo will also give one of the Plenary Presentations, entitled 'To Whisper Sweet Nothings: My Journey from Sugars to Glycomics.'


Some observational data shows that high fructose intake is associated with metabolic syndrome, obesity, and liver disease. Observational studies are ones where the researchers observe the effect of a risk factor, diagnostic test, or treatment without trying to change who is or isn’t exposed to it.

One study found that consuming 255 grams of fructose per day did lead to an increase in liver fat and reduced insulin sensitivity. It also showed the same result if you consumed 255 grams of straight glucose as well, suggesting it may not be just the fructose that is the issue.


Your blood type has everything to do with how you digest your food, your ability to respond to stress, your mental state, the efficiency of your metabolism, and the strength of your immune system. “Blood types are critical predictive markers for disease,” says Dr. Peter D’Adamo. And in light of the current coronavirus pandemic, this significance is even more profound.

Is there a link between blood type and susceptibility to COVID-19 – the disease caused by the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2? Recent research points to the answer being “yes.” In fact, several studies indicate that those with Blood Type A may be more vulnerable to contracting the disease, and those with Blood Type O may possess protective genes that put them at lower risk.


View a short video on '5 Things You Need to Know About Your Blood Type'

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