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Blood Type Diet Recipe


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This is not smoked salmon but cured. Salt or a citrus juice can cure fish, they act as a catalyst and invariably they are not absorbed into the fish in any great extent.

Best Used By Blood Types:
  • Type A (1 beneficials)
  • Type AB (1 beneficials)
  • Type B (1 beneficials)
  • Type O (0 beneficials)

  • Entree

  • 1 whole fresh salmon 4 pounds
  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • 1/3 cup coarse sea salt
  • 1 bunch fresh dill
  • 2 rectangular 12 inch long Pyrex dishes
  • 2 large rubber bands
  • 1 black plastic bag
  • 2-5 pound weights or 2 bricks

How to make it:
  1. I don't know where you are located, but go to your local fish store and buy a whole fresh salmon. Better if you see them bring it out and fillet it in front of you. Filleted each side should be a little over 2 pounds. You'll need:
  2. Wash the salmon under cold water.
  3. Remove the pin bones with your fingers, pliers or tweezers. You can feel these bones if you rub your fingers up and down the fish. Cut off any excess fat on the edge.
  4. Mix the sugar and salt together in one cup. In the 12 inch dish sprinkle some of the sugar & salt and lay some of the dill in the dish. Place one side of salmon skin side down on top of the above.
  5. Sprinkle some more of the sugar and salt mixture on this piece, lay on some more dill, and grind on some fresh pepper.
  6. Place the second side on top of the first side-flesh to flesh- head ends to tail end, sprinkle the balance of the salt and sugar mixture on top and lay on some more dill. Take the other 10 inch glass dish-bottom side down and put on top of the fish. Wrap rubber bands around to hold the dishes in place.
  7. Put it all into a black plastic bag. Fold the ends of the bag under the glass dishes and put into the refrigerator for 25 HOURS. Not 24, not 26 but 25 hours.
  8. Put the bricks or the weights on top.
  9. Every 8 hours or so take it all out unwrap and flip the fish. DO NOT drain any of the liquid. (There will be 2-flips) I usually make this at 4 in the afternoon, flip it at 12 midnight, flip it in the morning and by five the next day I unwrap it all and wash off all residue.
  10. You now have cured salmon, you can freeze a half for up to 2 months.
  11. We use a very sharp long knife and cut thin slices. In my previous life( before PD's book) we would get some fresh black bread, fresh sweet butter, capers, chopped red makes a fabulous repast with frozen vodka. Bread, buttered, onions, capers and a slice of salmon. If you leave it too long in the refrigerator it falls apart and if you take it out too soon it is not cured. We have experimented with other spices. We like it with dill the best. Bon appetite!!! Elliot

Blood Type Diet Analysis:

Core Ingredients Analysis:
The ingredients in this category are either BTD compliant for all types or the recipe author and/or editor did not suggest a possible substitution. If this category contains avoids for your blood type this recipe may not work for you, unless you feel like you can omit the item or make an appropriate substitution. If you develop a great BTD compliant variation of this recipe please consider adding it to the Recipe Database.

NameNotesA SecA NonABSecABNonB SecB NonO SecO Non
Salmon 1 B B B B B N N N
Dill N N N N N N N N
Sugar (Brown/White) N A N A N A N A
Sea Salt 1 N N N N N N N N

[1] This recipe uses ingredients which may help limit bacterial overgrowth.

  • This recipe is low in common allergens.
  • This recipe is gluten free.
  • This is a low lectin recipe.
  • This recipe uses ecologically friendly ingredients.

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