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Fish and Veggie Pockets
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I got the idea from Jamie Oliver's Book and it is a quick and easy recipe for those who don't have time. You can also substitute the Fish with Chicken if you want a change and play around with the veggies, put what you like. This recipe is for two people. You can even make the pockets and freeze them for later use.

Best Used By Blood Types:
  • Type A (8 beneficials)
  • Type A Non Secretor (6 beneficials)
  • Type AB (3 beneficials)
  • Type AB Non Secretor (3 beneficials)
  • Type B (4 beneficials)
  • Type B Non Secretor (6 beneficials)
  • Type O (3 beneficials)
  • Type O Non Secretor (5 beneficials)
  • Entree
  • 2 portions of mackerel fish (Fresh if you can get it)
  • broccoli (about 6 small stems)
  • 1/2 onion sliced
  • 1 big leek cut up and boiled in water for 2 minutes to make soft [omit for BT]
  • 1 carrot, finely chopped
  • 4 asparagus (cut into 1cm chunks)
  • 2 Tablespoons olive oil
  • Sprinkle of soy sauce [or tamari]
  • 1 Tablespoon white wine [omit for BT]
  • sea salt and pepper [omit pepper for BT] and fish spice if you have (use chicken spice if you do that version)
  • 2 pieces of foil about 20cm long each [or parchment paper]
How to make it:
  1. Prepare all your vegetables first, this makes the assembly much faster.
  2. Take a piece of foil and fold it in half, fold the sides twice to the inside (1cm width) and leave one side open. You now have an 'Envelope Pocket'
  3. Preheat the oven to 220 degrees Celsius/ 425 degrees F/ gas 7.
  4. Rub the Fish with a bit of Olive oil and spice with light sprinkling of Fish spice.
  5. Put 1 Fish and half the vegetables in one pocket, do the same for the other pocket.
  6. Sprinkle with Soy Sauce, White Wine, Salt and Pepper to taste.
  7. Close the final edge (Double fold), making sure you don't pierce the bag.
  8. Slide Pocket onto a roasting tray and place the tray in the preheated oven for 25 to 30 min.
  9. Place Pocket on the plate, break open and serve.
  10. The time for cooking may vary to the thickness and/or size of the fish you start off with. If it is thin, check after 20 min but make sure if you use thin fish to slice veggies very thin so they will cook through.

BTD Core Ingredients Analysis:

NameNotesA SecA NonABSecABNonB SecB NonO SecO Non
Mackerel1 ,2 ,3 B B B B B B N B
Onion (Red/Spanish/Yellow/Whit...1 ,4 B B N N N B B B
Asparagus1 N N N N N N N N
Carrot1 ,2 B N N N B B N B
Olive Oil1 ,4 B B B B B B B B
Broccoli1 ,2 ,4 B B B B B B B B
Sea Salt1 N N N N N N N N

BTD Variations and Substitutions Analysis:

Beverage Product(s)
NameNotesA SecA NonABSecABNonB SecB NonO SecO Non
Wine (White)- N B N N N B A A

Condiment Product(s)
NameNotesA SecA NonABSecABNonB SecB NonO SecO Non
Tamari (wheat-free)2 B N N N N N N A
Soy Sauce2 B N N N A A N A

Herb/Spice Product(s)
NameNotesA SecA NonABSecABNonB SecB NonO SecO Non
Pepper (Black/ Peppercorn) Fre...1 A N A N A N N N

Meat Product(s)
NameNotesA SecA NonABSecABNonB SecB NonO SecO Non
Chicken1 N N A A A A N N

Vegetable Product(s)
NameNotesA SecA NonABSecABNonB SecB NonO SecO Non
Leek1 ,4 B B N N N N A A

[1] This recipe uses ingredients which may help limit bacterial overgrowth.
[2] This recipe uses ingredients which may have a high mold count.
[3] This recipe uses ingredients which may help the body to detoxify.
[4] This recipe uses ingredients rich in lignans.

  • This recipe is low in common allergens.
  • This recipe is gluten free.
  • This recipe uses ecologically friendly ingredients.

    If an ingredient is an avoid for your blood type, then try using a BTD compliant variant/substitute or leaving the item out of the recipe.

    Please Note:
    When using any recipe, always check it for avoids and make the appropriate adjustments where necessary. The Blood Type Diet Recipe Database has been recently greatly enhanced. Also, the food lists changed somewhat a couple of years ago, and all recipes in the database may not reflect those changes in terms of the blood types for which the recipes are recommended. Volunteer Blood Type Diet Forums Members are working to review and update all the recipes to take advantage of the all the new features and food lists. Please be patient with us until the process has been completed.

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