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Veggie-Fruit Smoothies (O-Non Friendly)


Having trouble getting in enough veg? I find it's quick and easy to sneak in vegetables with this tasty smoothie. It can be adjusted for taste: this is just my standard. For kids and those with a sweet tooth, compliant sweetener such as agave syrup may be added in small amounts, and the proportion of fruit to veg can be adjusted. I drink one almost every morning, and it's changed my life!
  • I prefer to use at least some frozen foods in this; quite often I use all frozen, except for the banana. This makes this an affordable meal as well as an easy one!
  • I don't tend to measure, so adjust as necessary. For a single serving, a "part" is probably 1/4-1/3 cup.

  • Ingredients:
    • 1 part fresh or frozen spinach
    • 1 part fresh or frozen broccoli or carrots (or both)
    • 1 part fresh or frozen blueberries
    • 1 part fresh or frozen raspberries
    • 1 part compliant tart fruit juice: I like pomegranate
    • 1 part water or hot green tea, if using frozen items
    • 2 parts banana (for a single serving, this means 1 banana)
    • small amount of beneficial oil, such as flax seed (for a single serving, 1/2-1 tsp)
    How to make it:
    1. Blend well and serve.