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Sprouts Mung Bean


Sprouted Mung beans

  • Organic mung beans Or other non-chemically treated seeds, grains, beans, or nuts.
How to make it:
  1. I only sprouted about 2 Tablespoons of regular mung beans from the health food store.
  2. You can also buy special sprouting seeds, but they are more expensive, and my sprouts turned out just fine. Some sites recommend sprouting mung beans under pressure (with burlap on top of the seeds and marbles or pebbles on top of that). My sprouts turned out fine without doing that.
  3. My yield was about 1 cup of sprouts.
  4. You can buy sprouting kits - mine was homemade. My jar was inexpensive and had one edge beveled so I could tilt it on its side. I laid an inexpensive strainer over the opening in the jar, then set the jar in a dark room with a towel wrapped around it to keep the light out.
  5. I rinsed the beans, then soaked them overnight in four times the amount of fresh warm water/proportion of mung beans. I did not use tap water - I get mine from the water store or a water machine.
  6. For the next few days (about 4 or 5), every morning and evening, I rinsed the beans with tepid tap water, making sure all water was out of the jar, and the beans were completely drained. I then returned the beans to the dark room, spreading the beans as much as possible, tilting the jar on its side, and covering the jar with its towel to keep out light, and making sure the end of the jar with the strainer over it was open to allow fresh air to enter.
  7. When the sprouts were about 1 inch, I refrigerated them in a plastic bag inside another container. I later read the sprouts can be about 2 inches. I may try that next time. The sprouts taste delicious, and I am told they can keep about 1 week.