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Soy Coffee


I was checking out a book at Amazon. Willard Scott had written a review of the book I was checking out. As a result of reading this book, Mr. Scott explained how he stopped drinking coffee because of the acid and switched to a soy coffee which he purchased at soy I checked out the soy coffee site and was going to purchase some coffee because it was non-GMO. However, something stopped me, and I thought that I might not like it and why didn't I just try roasting some organic non-GMO soybeans I have on hand (I make my own soy milk) in my cast iron skillet. Thus, if you want to buy soy coffee, you can contact their site. If you want to try making it yourself, you can see my recipe below.

  • Organic non-GMO soybeans
How to make it:
  1. Wash soybeans. Heat cast iron skillet and roast soybeans to desired color, stirring almost constantly. Grind in a coffee grinder.
  2. Brew soy coffee.
  3. recommended brewing their coffee using a French Press (one of several methods recommended).
  4. I happen to have a French Press and tried this, but the 'coffee' tasted too weak.
  5. So I tried boiling 2 cups of water, adding 1 T. of the ground roasted soy, and simmering for 10 minutes as recommended by George Oshawa in his book, 'Zen Macrobiotics' for grain coffee. You can read my post for Oshawa Coffee (Yannoh) at this web site under the link 'Rice (Brown)' for more information on making grain coffee.
  6. If you want more information on how to roast coffee, I found one web site at:
  7. You could probably find a method to roast your own suitable grain. Or you can purchase a commercial grain coffee.