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Berry Berry Good Soda
Contributed by: Peppermint TwistFrom the Recipe Archives


A delicious homemade soda/spritzer. Be dazzled by an effervescent burst of healing berry box-office smash delight! A good preventive or healing tonic for flu, too (elderberry, doncha know). Enjoy! They don't sell kicked up soda like THIS in any corn-syrup-laden vending machine, I'll tell youzzz that! No, this is exclusive to BTDers! Homemade, kicked up, very berry, flu-busting, immune-building, thirst-quenching, taste-thrilling, BERRY, BERRY GOOD SODA! Yeah, baby.

  • About 8 oz Gerolsteiner Sprudel (or any sparkly water)
  • A very large (LARGE--the more the merrier, just remember it is very expensive, though *lol*) splash of 100% elderberry concentrate (You could try using the NAP Proberry in place of the elderberry, which could kick it to notches unknown!)
  • A splash of lemon juice concentrate (I use Santa Cruz 100% organic lemon juice)
  • Optional: Other 100% juices and/or 100% fruit concentrate syrups to taste, such as pineapple juice, pomegranate juice, concord grape concentrate, black cherry concentrate, etc.
  • Note: for the optional concentrates, I use Tree of Life brand.
How to make it:
  1. Mix and drink! Weee!