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Pineapple Jello


Pineapple Jello is a good treat and, for me, is almost a substitute, for the frozen yogurt I used to enjoy. Since pineapple is a good aid to offset edema conditions, it is solving a problem while satisfying a 'sweet' desire.

  • 1 Tablespoon plain gelatin
  • 1 can crushed pineapple, no sugar added, drained and save liquid to add to juice
  • 1/4 cup hot water
  • 2/3 cup pineapple juice or other allowed juice
How to make it:
  1. Mix Gelatin with hot water and juice.
  2. Stir until gelatin is dissolved.
  3. Put in freezer for about 20 minutes, until gelatin is partially set.
  4. Add pineapple and refrigerate until set.