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Explorer's Delight
Contributed by: AKArtloverAdded: Nov 22, 2010 at 04:39 PM


EASY. Can be a no cook recipe if you soak your quinoa.

  • You choose the amounts to your liking:
  • quinoa
  • macademia nuts (I used pre-soaked for easy chopping)
  • apple
  • grade B maple syrup
How to make it:
  1. Either prepare quinoa to package directions or rinse and soak overnight (perhaps doing one water exchange after seeds have soaked awhile).
  2. Chop your apple and your nuts as fine as you would like using a sharp un-serrated knife for the nuts.
  3. Soaked for ease and using a ceramic knife worked well.
  4. I would also consider throwing them in a Magic Bullet or food processor instead to make a crumble.
  5. Top with maple syrup.
  6. Heat in toaster oven to your liking.
  7. I just take the chill off by using a setting below what my oven is marked.
  8. Enjoy!