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Pan-Seared Tuna with Coconut Jasmine Rice
Contributed by: Jacqueline MarshallAdded: Nov 10, 2009 at 10:40 AM


Pan-Seared Sesame-Ginger Tuna Steaks and Jasmine Rice with Coconut Milk & Edamamae. Dinner For Two.

  • 2 Tuna Steaks sashimi grade
  • Ginger Lime marinade OR Teriyaki Sauce & Fresh Grated Ginger Sesame Oil (Or Sub Olive Oil)
  • Jasmine Rice
  • Coconut Milk
  • Chicken Broth (Or Sub Vegetable Broth)
  • Edamame- shelled (Soy Beans) or sweet peas
  • Fresh Grated Ginger
  • Fresh Chopped Basil (optional)
  • Fresh pressed Garlic
  • Sea Salt
  • Ginger Lime Marinade OR Teriyaki & Ginger
  • Honey (1/2 Tablespoon) or 1 teaspoon sugar
  • Soy Sauce (1/2 Tablespoon)
  • Sesame Oil (1 teaspoon) - can sub Olive oil
  • Water (1 Tablespoon)
How to make it:
  1. Rub tuna steaks with Ginger Lime marinade.
  2. Cover and set aside to marinate.
  3. Follow directions on the Jasmine Rice but substitute the water with 1/2 coconut milk and 1/2 chicken broth.
  4. While bringing to a boil- Add fresh Garlic, Basil and Ginger, then salt to taste.
  5. Cover and let cook - once rice is done stir in at least 1 cup of shelled edamame (soy beans) - or sub sweet peas.
  6. Let sit and keep warm.
  7. Combine dipping sauce ingredients- stir all ingredients together and adjust amounts to taste. Split into serving dishes for dipping.
  8. Pour sesame oil (or sub olive oil) into a non-stick skillet on Med High heat.
  9. Once hot, add tuna steaks and cover.
  10. Cook about 2-3 minutes on each side for med-rare OR about 5 minutes on each side medium.
  11. Serve with rice and dipping sauce.