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"Comments I have been seeing an excellent homeopath for 2 years+. This diet has fine-tuned what I have learned through my experiences with her. I have lost 7 pounds in two weeks with no measurable increase in excercise. Since starting the Type A plan I have better energy, elimination and have not seen any hives (they started this year and tend to occur at least once per month). " -Terry, Type A

Blood Group O Outcome Form 

I appreciate your taking the time to answer these questions about experiences you have had with the program. Your feedback can be critical in showing indicators and trends which can then be further studied. Please answer all questions, then press the SUBMIT button. Again, many thanks!




What is your gender? Male 
What age bracket do you fall into? Under 21 
Over 55
Do you  know your Secretor status? Secretor 
Don't know
How long have you been following the program? Less than 1 month
1 month to 3  months
3 months to 6 months 
6 months or longer 
If you had a health condition, what was the effect of following the program? Improved
No change
How would you rate this effect? Significant 
In what part of your body?  Energy, 'well being'
Weight, metabolism   
Immunity, resistance
Pain, inflammation, allergy
Digestion, elimination, liver function 
Heart, circulatory, cholesterol 
Hormonal, reproductive 
Psychological, stress 
Muscular, skeletal, skin
None of the above
Has this been 'backed up' by hard evidence, such as a blood test? Yes