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"I had the most delightful time at the IfHI conference, and I want to thank you, thank you for what was obviously a monumental effort on your part. It was a pleasure to correspond with you and an even greater pleasure to meet and chat with you in person. I note on the website that I passed the certification exam cum laude; I am thrilled. Over achiever that I am, I missed most of the pool party on Friday because I was studying for the exam. Everyone I spoke to made a positive comment. I mean, come on, right down to the pencils and pads and ice water! We felt so pampered as your honored guests."

---Monica Fehn

The Institute for Human Individuality (IfHI)

"The success of Institute for Human Individuality holds forth the promise of a longer, safer and healthier life for us all."  

Peter D'Adamo, ND, MIFHI
IFHI Academic Dean

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The Institute for Human Individuality (IfHI) a 501c3 under Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, has as its prime goal the fostering of research in the in the expanding area of human nutrigenomics and epigenetics.  These emerging sciences seek to provide a molecular understanding for how common dietary chemicals affect health by altering the expression or structure of an individual’s genetic makeup. 

The five basic tenets of nutrigenomics are:

  • Improper diets are risk factors for disease.
  • Dietary chemicals alter gene expression and/or change genome structure
  • The degree to which diet influences the balance between healthy and disease states may depend on an individual’s genetic makeup.
  • Some diet-regulated genes (and their normal, common variants) are likely to play a role in the onset, incidence, progression, and/or severity of chronic diseases.
  • "Intelligent nutrition" - that is, diets based upon genetics, nutritional requirements and status - prevents and mitigates chronic diseases

Under the guidance of Dr. Peter D'Adamo and the Research Faculty, IfHI is committed to assuming a leadership role in this fast-developing field of scientific inquiry. 

The essence of naturopathic medicine is its focus on each patient as an individual, with unique characteristics in health and disease. The principle that one treatment does not fit all patients suffering from a given disease is fundamental to naturopathic practice. In addition to exposure to pathogens, naturopathic physicians examine a wide array of possible etiologic and contributing factors, including diet and nutritional status, lifestyle choices, and stress. 

IfHI is partnered with the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM), a regionally accredited naturopathic medical school and health sciences center.

It is the goal of IfHI to research the genetic influence on our response to diet and nutrition and to develop new applications and practices that allow this information to benefit humankind. 

We invite you to join us on this fascinating journey.

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