Individual result

Type: O | Gender: Male | Age: Young | Effect: Significant

DESCRIPTION: I thought I was dying. I became violently ill every time I ate or drank. I was showing signs of vaious vitamin and mineral deficiencies, but could not hold down supplements any better than foods. 2 doctors told me it was "irritable bowel" which I interpreted as meaning they didn't know what was wrong. I went on Levsinex which seemed to help for a while. It allowed me to leave the house at least. I ran into a friend who had been to the hospital several times for similar problems and he told me about your book. I went straight to the book store before continuing my grocery shopping. I changed my diet 100% as of that day and within 2 weeks I discontinued the Levsinex. Now, at 6 months, I don't even miss wheat, dairy, soft drinks etc... I have returned to weight lifting and feel stronger than I have since college. Not only do I never have digestive/eliminative problems any more... I don't get sick at all. My family got a nasty strain of flu and a terrible virus late this winter. I was the only one who didn't get sick at all. (over the last 3 years I would have been the first to fall and stayed down the longest) I never had any problems until I turned 31, then things went downhill and picked up speed over the next few years. I cut out dairy immediately, but I didn't start suspecting wheat until just before I got your book. I don't know if this is clinically verified or not. I had lots of lab work done that showed nothing wrong, but the doctor knew I had a terrible problem and prescribed Levsinex. Now that I'm eating the right foods I'm healthy as an ox. I guess I'll check the box since I did have lab work done prior to getting on the "o" diet.