Individual result

Type: A | Gender: Female | Age: Middle | Effect: Significant

DESCRIPTION: This has been a miracle for me. I have often wished for my old (30 some years old) body back as I am now 53. I feel 30 again and felt and saw unbelieveable changes in 1 week. I had not even completely converted by then. I really only stopped eating ShreddedWheat for breakfast and went to Amaranth Flakes. I fairly quickly began to empty my cupboards of wheat products. I'm sure thatwas the culprit. I can't begin to tell you here the AMAZING physical, mental, emotional, spiritual changes that have occurred with me. I am looking forward to seeing more changes all the time as I am very committed to become "clean" on this diet. THANK YOUfor writing this book. I am excited to see lab results but feel I need to wait a little while. I have been on the diet barely 3 weeks.You may contact me for more info if you wish. Mary