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Type: O | Gender: Female | Age: Middle | Effect: Significant

DESCRIPTION: I realize you must be swamped with mail, but I wanted so badly to thank you for how you have helped me. I have suffered from anxiety & depression to the point that several years ago I lost the ability to work, and was hospitalized for a short time. I was able to get back to work thanks to lithium & welbutrin, which I took for years, but though I was very grateful to be able to function again, I noticed that even on antidepressants I never really was happy to be alive, mostly just dreading the long, long life that I figured I'd probably have to "get through, somehow." Because of this, I never really considered myself really back to full health, & kept trying everything from supplements to feng shui. The only of those that seemed to have some positive effect was flax seed oil. Then I read your book & was very dismayed, as a long time preferred-(non-rigid)-vegetarian, that I was a type O! It really rocked my world for a while, but I had so many of the other problems you mention O's usually have that I determined to tryit & see, since I am nothing if not open-minded. The first thing I noticed was that I was not constipated in the morning if I'd eaten beef the day before (something loads of metamucil could not even guarantee.) To my surprise the morning aching in my hands went away within weeks as well all my colon problems (gas, generalized abdominal pain, previously diagnosed as all kinds of things, IBS, & occasional bloody diarrhea.) I also notice that I do not have the "drowsy" spells after lunch that I used to have. After a few months I realized I hadn't had any attacks of the fibroyalgia in my calves that I usually have on the colder, damper days of winter (I'd always considered these things minor because it was the depression which affected my ability to earn a living.) I now feel "all the way back" from depression, and then some, because not only do I now look forward to the rest of my life (finally!) I feel so much stronger & enjoy physical exercise in a way I never did before. I actually feel exhilarated by it. I am still taking about 1/2 the dosage of St. John's wort that I used to require, & I know you don't recommend it for O's, but with all I've been through, I'm a bit chicken to go off it just yet. I've been following your diet pretty strictly for 5 months now & I think before the summer sun becomes intense this year I will let go of the St. John's wort & see if I still feel fine. One of the best results is that for the first time since I was 18 I have not had hayfever in the spring. It used to be quite severe. I am hoping that I will be less allergic to poison ivy this summer as well. I am taking quercetin also. Recently I noticed that I really do seem to be physically stronger & have more endurance. For example, I could never do a single chin-up & now I can.One rather strange thing I noticed is that when I started eating meat my voice changed from very clear to a bit gravely & has never changed back. (The week I started the O diet I got a bad, week-long case of laryngitis & maybe the voice change is more from that.)When I try to spread the word about this great book of yours I sometimes encounter fear & hostility because it seems so many of my type O friends are vegetarians. Some people would rather keep their long cherished beliefs than their health. But I thank you from the bottom of my heart because your father's & your work has helped me so much. By the way, I am 43 years old, & ate primarily vegetarian for the last 24 years.