Individual result

Type: B | Gender: Female | Age: Middle | Effect: Significant

DESCRIPTION: I listed "other under health categories of change because I have seen multiple improvements. I have lost weight, my skin has cleared up, my digestion/elimination has improved and my arthritis has subsided dramatically. I have been plagued with digestive disturbances most of my life -- I could havemajor bouts of diarhea witrhin an hour or so after a meal, or seemingl unrelated to anything specific. On the b diet, this has all but disappeared. I am convinced it was mostly wheat and corn that caused the problems. If I have small amounts of wheat --even white bread -- for a couple of days, I am finding that diahrea is the result a couple of days later. I have also had skin problems most of ly life and in the past fiove years or so, I have suffered from what appeared to be seborreic (is that how you spell that?) dermatitis. My skin, particularly as soon as the heat came on in the fall, would become dry, inflamed, flaky and horrribly sensitive. Cortico steroids did the trick, but who wants to live like that? Eliminateing wheat and flour and the rest of the b diethave helped immensely. I also take magnesium a few times a week. It took about three months to get really clear, but I saw improvements within about 8 weeks. I have also lost weight. I am not dieting, I have just changed the way I eat. Of course, not eating wheat and corn means I am not eating cake, bread and all of those snack things, so calories are lower, but I find that when I eat more protien and lower carbs, I crave vegetables and fruit and not the other stuff. I find that rice, spelt and oatmeal I can eat in relatively moderate portions and they do not set up what I think is a real addictive craving for wheat. I used to live on bread! Weight losss indeed took a while to start up, as you warned, so it took about 8 weeks before things got rolling. It has been steady. I am not doing scales because I tend to obsess, but I have lost at least 20 pounds. Thanks for everything. You hit the nail on the head for me!