Individual result

Type: O | Gender: Male | Age: Middle | Effect: Significant

DESCRIPTION: I began the diet following surgery, including tonsillectomy, for treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. Prolonged dietary disruption had caused my digestive tract to become extremely sensitive and constantly upset. I was having ongoing difficuly swallowing soft fresh bread, milk, and other accustomed foods, however soft, due to swollen throat tissue. When I began the ER4YT diet, my digestive system stabilized within a few days. I began to notice that products containing wheat, corn, potatoes, and high concentrations of dairy would make the unhealed tissue in my throat swell, causing difficulty in swallowing. I could eat stringy beef with little difficulty, however!I had been at 190, about 25 pounds over my "ideal weight," before the surgery. By the time I could begin to eat again I had lost 20 pounds and was expecting to gain some back. I continued to lose weight until I reached 160 pounds and my weight has plateaued, fluctuating between 160 and 165 regardless of how much I eat on the ER4YT diet.My blood pressure has dropped due to the weight loss or the diet (probably both) so my doctor has taken me off blood pressure medication and my blood pressure is behaving extremely well. One nurse commented that I now have blood pressure "like a teenager."My main disappointment is that there has been no apparent positive effect on the primary symptoms of my fibromyalgia syndrome.