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Level 1: Favorite World

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This level seeks to determine how you relate to the world. Do you prefer to focus on the outer world or on your own inner world? Read the characteristics for each column, then select the best choice by clicking the link at the bottom of that column.

Column A
Column B
Tolerate noise and crowds.Avoid crowds and seek quiet.
Talk more than listen.Listen more than talk.
Communicate with enthusiasm.Keep enthusiasm to self.
Be distracted easily.Concentrate well.
Meet people readily and participate in many activities.Proceed cautiously in meeting people and participate in selected activities.
Blurt things out without thinking.Think carefully before speaking.
Parties recharge your batteries.Time alone recharges batteries.
Hate to do nothing. On the go.
Like working or talking in groups.Would prefer to socialize in small groups or just do job by myself
Like to be center of attention.Content being on the sidelines.
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