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Thank you for agreeing to take the personality test. As you will see, it is really quite simple. You will be asked to select between two columns of characteristics the one that best describes you.


Column A

Column B

Have truth as an objective. Have harmony as a goal.
Decide more with my head. Decide more with my heart.
Question others' findings, because they might be wrong. Agree more with others' findings, because people are worth listening to
Notice ineffective reasoning. Notice when people need support.
Choose truthfulness over tactfulness Choose tactfulness over truthfulness.
Deal with people firmly, as needed Deal with people compassionately.
Expect world to run on logical principles. Expect the world to recognize individual differences.
Note pros & cons of each option. Note how an option has value and how it affects people.
Feelings valid if they're logical. ANY feeling is valid.
See others' flaws. Like to please others; show appreciation.
Tolerate occasional queries as to my emotional state in relationships Appreciate frequent queries as to my emotional state.

Which column best describes you?


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