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Thank you for agreeing to take the personality test. As you will see, it is really quite simple. You will be asked to select between two columns of characteristics the one that best describes you.


Column A

Column B

Learn new things by imitation and observation. Learn new things through general concepts.
Focus on actual experience. Focus on possibilities.
Tend to be specific and literal; give detailed descriptions. Tend to be general and figurative; use metaphors and analogies.
Value solid, recognizable methods achieved in step-by-step manner Value different or unusual methods achieved via inspiration.
Methodical. Leap around in a roundabout way.
Value realism and common sense. Value imagination and innovation
Likes predictable relationships. Value change in relationships.
Rely on past experiences. Rely on hunches.
Behave practically.  Behave imaginatively.


Which column best describes you?

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