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Bowringia milbraedii : West african legume

Molecular structure of
West african legume:BMA

Bowringia milbraedii

Lecster ID:94 Edit Entry
Source Organism:West african legume
Species:Bowringia milbraedii
Common Nomenclature:BMA
Class:Legume lectins
Characterization Notes:The lectin has a specificity for endoplasmic reticulum glycoproteins. See: See: J. Bio. Chem. 1989 (264); 4657-4663 The lecti shows high sequence homology with the mannose/glucose binding lectins of Sophora japonica and Cladrastis lutea. See: Biochim. Et Biophys. Acta 1993 (1202); 38-46
Biological Activity:The lectin aggltuinates human erythrocytes regardless of blood type. See: J. Bio. Chem. 1989 (264); 4657-4663
Source Tissue:Seed
Specificity:Man/Glc (oligosaccharides with Man-alpha(1,2)Man-linkkahes; Man/alpha-mannosides>>glucose/alpha-glucosides

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