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Smilax glabra :

Molecular structure of

Smilax glabra

Lecster ID:665 Edit Entry
Source Organism:
Species:Smilax glabra
Common Nomenclature:Sarparilla
Characterization Notes:A heterodimeric agglutinin with a molecular mass of 32 kDa, and comprised of a 15 and a 17 kDa-subunit, was isolated from Smilax glabra rhizomes. The isolation protocol entailed ion exchange chromatography on CM-Sepharose, DEAE-cellulose and Resource Q and gel filtration on Superose 12.
Biological Activity:
Source Tissue:Rhizome
Specificity:The two agglutinin subunits resembled each other and lectins from other Liliaceae plants in N-terminal sequence. The hemagglutinating activity of the agglutinin was unstable under acidic and alkaline conditions and when exposed to temperatures at or higher than 50 degrees C. The activity was not altered by a number of monovalent, divalent and trivalent cations, nor by a variety of sugars and glycoproteins.
References:Int J Biochem Cell Biol 2001 Mar;33(3):269-77

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