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Vicia villosa : Hairy vetch

Molecular structure of
Hairy vetch:VVA-A4, VVL-A4

Vicia villosa

Lecster ID:649 Edit Entry
Source Organism:Hairy vetch
Species:Vicia villosa
Common Nomenclature:VVA-A4, VVL-A4
Class:Legume lectin
Index Nomenclature:LECp.Vic.Vil.xx.Xxxx
Characterization Notes:
Biological Activity:The A4 lectin agglutinates A erythrocytes specifically and binds to A1 erythrocytes (273,000 sites/cell) with an association constant of 1.8 X 10(7) M-1. Although a blood group A agglutinating activity was recognized in the original preparation of V. villosa lectins, lectins with this activity were obtained in relatively small amounts from seed extracts. The predominant lectin in V. villosa seeds, B4, does not agglutinate A, B, or O erythrocytes. See: J Biol Chem 1983 Apr 25;258(8):5165-71
Source Tissue:

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