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Ulex europaeus : Gorse seed

Molecular structure of
Gorse seed:UEA-I, UEA-II, UEA-III

Ulex europaeus

Lecster ID:631 Edit Entry
Source Organism:Gorse seed
Species:Ulex europaeus
Common Nomenclature:UEA-I, UEA-II, UEA-III
Class:Legume lectin
Index Nomenclature:LECp.Ule.Eur.xx.Xxxx
Characterization Notes:Lipsomal preparations ofUEA have potential as oral vaccine carriers. In mice 10.5% of the total dose of WGA liposomes were taken up from the gastrointestinal tract. See: Pharm Res 1996 Sep;13(9):1378-83
Biological Activity:UEA-I agglutinatesblood group H(O). However, shown to aggltuinate human group A erythrocytes at a titer of 1:32; group B erythrocytes at a titer of 1:16; group B erythrocytes at a titer of 1:16; by crude lectin preparation (16mg/ml). See: Int J Cancer 1970;6:283
Source Tissue:
Specificity:L-fucose (UEA-I); di-N-acetylchitobiose (UEA-II)
Inhibitors:For characterization of UEA-II, see: Hoppe Seylers Z Physiol Chem. 1981 Jul;362(7):983-9. UEA-III was found to be inhibited by lactose. (Biol Chem Hoppe Seyler 1991 Feb;372(2):95-102)
References:Glycoconj J 1996 Aug;13(4):585-90 J Chromatogr 1992 Apr 24;597(1-2):213-9

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