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Aplysia dactylomela : Sea hare shrimp

Molecular structure of
Sea hare shrimp:

Aplysia dactylomela

Lecster ID:58 Edit Entry
Source Organism:Sea hare shrimp
Species:Aplysia dactylomela
Common Nomenclature:
Index Nomenclature:LECi.Apl.Dac.xx.Xxxx
Characterization Notes:
Biological Activity:The fluid preferentially agglutinated rabbit erythrocytes and, to a lesser extent, human blood cells, and this activity was inhibited by the glycoprotein fetuin. Aplysia gonad lectin, like human anti-I, strongly agglutinates and adsorbs to adult I-positive red cells, differentiating between them and fetal or rare I-negative adult red cells (although with less of a difference). In contrast to the plant and microbial lectins examined, its I-affinity does not depend on the presence of ABH or P system antigens and it clearly detects higher I antigen expression in O(h) red cells. The hemagglutinating activity of Aplysia lectin as that of all the I-detecting proteins is enhanced at 4 degrees C, but unlike the human anti-I Aplysia lectin-induced hemagglutination is stable at room temperature. See: Transfusion 1999 Oct;39(10):1060-4
Source Tissue:Gonad
References:Braz J Med Biol Res 1998 Jun;31(6):785-91

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