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Salvia sclarea : Fetid clary sage

Molecular structure of
Fetid clary sage:SSA

Salvia sclarea

Lecster ID:577 Edit Entry
Source Organism:Fetid clary sage
Species:Salvia sclarea
Common Nomenclature:SSA
Characterization Notes:Tn is a specific marker of many human carcinomas.
Biological Activity:Tn antigen (GalNAcalpha-O-Ser/Thr). The purified lectin agglutinates specifically Tn erythrocytes and, at higher concentrations, also Cad erythrocytes. Native A, B, or O red blood cells are not agglutinated by the lectin and, even after treatment with sialidase or papain, these cells are not recognized.
Source Tissue:
Specificity:The lectin was found to be specific for terminal N-acetylgalactosamine (GalNAc) residues.
References:Eur J Biochem 2000 Mar;267(5):1434-40 J Biol Chem 1986 Oct 25;261(30):14069-75

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