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Anguilla anguilla : Fresh water eel

Molecular structure of
Fresh water eel:AAL

Anguilla anguilla

Lecster ID:53 Edit Entry
Source Organism:Fresh water eel
Species:Anguilla anguilla
Common Nomenclature:AAL
Index Nomenclature:LECi.Ang.Ang.xx.Xfu1
Characterization Notes:In immunohistochemical studies, the reactivity of AAA and UEA-I in normal pyloric mucosa from individuals with known Lewis and secretor status was analysed. AAA showed a broad reaction in the superficial pyloric mucosa from secretors and non-secretors, but AAA reactivity was more pronounced in Le(a+b-) individuals. On the other hand, UEA-I stained the superficial pyloric mucosa only from secretor individuals.
Biological Activity:H(O) blood group
Source Tissue:
Inhibitors:alpha-L-Fuc; Binding of AAL to gastric mucin was competitively neutralized by Le(a)-specific monoclonal antibodies.
References:J. Biochim. Biophys. Acta, 538, 299, (1984) Glycoconj J 1996 Aug;13(4):585-90

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