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Phaseolus limenesis : Lima bean

Molecular structure of
Lima bean:PLA, LBA, LBL

Phaseolus limenesis

Lecster ID:509 Edit Entry
Source Organism:Lima bean
Species:Phaseolus limenesis
Common Nomenclature:PLA, LBA, LBL
Class:Legume lectins
Characterization Notes:For isolation, characterization, and interaction with type A blood-group substance, see: Biochemistry. 1972 Oct 10;11(21):3976-84
Biological Activity:Blood group A; at agglutination titer of 1:128 by crude lectin preparation (16mg/ml). See: Int J Cancer 1970;6:283 The lima bean lectin exhibits blood group specificity towards human type A erythrocytes. See: FEBS Letters 1970 (9); 197-201 The lima bean lectin is mitogenic for T- but not B-lymphocytes. The lectin LBL, is much more active than the lectin LBL4 as a mitogen for normal lymphocytes. The lectin LBL, also stimulates mitogenesis in leukaernic lymphocytes whereas LBL4 has minimal activity on these cells. See: Proc Nat Acad Sci 1974 (71); 1848-1851 Oral administration of the lima bean lectin to rats severely retarded the growth of the animals. See: Toxicon 1972 (10);89-91
Source Tissue:Seeds
Specificity:GalNAc(GalNAc alpha(1,3)[Fuc alpha(1,2)] Gal>alpha-GalNAc>alpha-Gal; Blood group A)

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