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Lotus tetragonolobus : Aparagus pea

Molecular structure of
Aparagus pea:LTA

Lotus tetragonolobus

Lecster ID:415 Edit Entry
Source Organism:Aparagus pea
Species:Lotus tetragonolobus
Common Nomenclature:LTA
Class:Legume lectins
Characterization Notes:LTA is a metalloprotein that is a mixture of isolectins which are glycosylated. See: carbohydrate Res 1977 (58); 253-265 Separation of the lectin components by DEAE cellulose chromatography yielded two major fractions: a potent hemagglutinin with weak macrophage activating properties and a potent macrophage activator with weak hemagglutinating activity. See: Immunobiology 1985 Apr;169(3):250-62
Biological Activity:LTA is specific for human blood group H(O). See: Nature 1967 (215); 890-891
Source Tissue:Seeds
Specificity:Fuc (alpha-L-Fuc; blood group H/o)
Inhibitors:Its agglutination was most inhibited by L-fucose See: Nature 1967 (215); 890-891 and Biochemistry 1974 (13); 3184-3192
References:J Chromatogr 1992 Apr 24;597(1-2):213-9

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