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Listeria ovata : Twayblade

Molecular structure of
Twayblade:LOA, LOMBP

Listeria ovata

Lecster ID:410 Edit Entry
Source Organism:Twayblade
Species:Listeria ovata
Common Nomenclature:LOA, LOMBP
Class:Monocot mannose binding proteins
Index Nomenclature:LECp.Lis.Ova.le.Hma1 (LOA) LECp.Lis.Ova.le.Mma1 (LMOBP)
Characterization Notes:LOMBP is a merolectin. LOA reacts with various alpha-mannans from yeast, fungi and bacteria, but not with alpha glucans. See: J Biochem 1993 (217); 677-681 Similar lectins have been purified from the Orchidaceae species Epipactis helleborine and Cymbidium hybrid.
Biological Activity:LOA exhibits a modest mitogenic activity toward human lymphocytes. See: Lectin Biol Biochem Clin Biochem 1990 (7); 259-263 LOA is highly inhibitory to HIV-1 and HIV-2 and shows marked anti-human cytomegalovirus, respiratory synncythial virus and influenza A virus activity in vitro. See: Antiviral Res 1992 (18); 191-207
Source Tissue:Leaves
Specificity:LOA: Man(alpha(1,3)-mannosidic linkages)LOMBP: Man
References:Plant Physiol 1987 (85); 566-569

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