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Lens culinaris : Lentils

Molecular structure of
Lentils:LCA, LcH

Lens culinaris

Lecster ID:401 Edit Entry
Source Organism:Lentils
Species:Lens culinaris
Common Nomenclature:LCA, LcH
Class:Legume lectins
Characterization Notes:For further characterization of monoclonal antibody 6,F-8 reacting with Lathyrus, Lens and Pisum lectins, see: FEBS Lett. 1989 Apr 10;247(1):77-80. LcH is closely related to the other two-chain mannose/glucose specific legum electins from Vicia species and Lathyrus species.
Biological Activity:LcH agglutinates human and rabbit erythrocytes. LcH is a mitogen. See: J Biol Chem 1971 (246); 1590-1595 Lens lectin agglutinates human group A erythrocytes at a titer of 1:4; group B erythrocytes at a titer of 1:4; group B erythrocytes at a titer of 1:4 by crude lectin preparations (16mg/ml). See: Int J Cancer 1970;6:283 Lens lectin has been shown to inhibit graft-versus-host reactions without supressing hematopoetic stem cells in mice. See: Immunobiologia 1986 (173); 35-40
Source Tissue:Seed
Specificity:Man/Glc (Man>Glc>Glc>GlcNAc) fucose is apparently an important determinant in the carbohydrate binding specificity of Lens lectin. See: J Biol Chem 1981 (256); 6633-6640
References:Biochemistry. 1969 Jun;8(6):2436-41

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