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Allium sativum : Garlic

Molecular structure of

Allium sativum

Lecster ID:39 Edit Entry
Source Organism:Garlic
Species:Allium sativum
Common Nomenclature:ASA
Index Nomenclature:LECp.All.Sat.bu.Hma1 (ASA-I) LECp.All.Sat.bu.Hma1 (ASA-I) LECp.All.Sat.bu.Hma1 (ASA-I) LECp.All.Sat.bu.Hma1 (ASA-I) LECp.All.Sat.bu.Hma2 (ASA-II) LECp.All.Sat.le.Hma1 (ASA-III) (ASA-IV)
Characterization Notes:Human antiserum contains natural antibodies to the mannose-specific lectins from garlic bulbs.
Biological Activity:All garlic lectins agglutinate rabbit but not human erythrocytes. The differ from each other in their specific agglutination activity. ASA-L is about 5o times more active than ASA-I, whereas ASA-II and ASA-RI are about 500 times less active than ASA-L. See: Plant Molec. Biol. 1996 (33): 223-234 For discussion of human antibodies found were directed against alliinase and mannose-specific Allium sativum agglutinin (ASA) see: Immunol Lett 1995 Jul-Aug;47(1-2):53-7
Source Tissue:
References:Plant Molec. Biol. 1996 (33): 223-234

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