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Lablab purpureus : Lablab bean, hyacinth bean, black seeded kidney bean

Molecular structure of
Lablab bean, hyacinth bean, black seeded kidney bean:DLA, LPA

Lablab purpureus

Lecster ID:385 Edit Entry
Source Organism:Lablab bean, hyacinth bean, black seeded kidney bean
Species:Lablab purpureus
Common Nomenclature:DLA, LPA
Class:Legum lectin
Characterization Notes:Also known as Lablab niger or Dolichos lablab
Biological Activity:For mitogenic activity and interleukin 2 promoter activity, see: Lect. Biol. Biochem. Clin. Biochem. 1988 (6) 391 The mannose-binding lectin agglutinates all human erythrocytes as well as rabbit, fowl and guinea pig red blood cells. See: Biochem J 1983 (209);653-657 The mannose/glucose-specific lectin inhibits the growth of rats when added to their diet. See: Toxicon 1972 (10);89-91 It also shows an inhibitory effect on HFV-1 infection. See: Antiviral Chemistry and Chemotherapy 1994 (4);145-153 The lectin is a lymphocyte mitogen. J. Leuko Biol 1985 (38);189-190
Source Tissue:

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