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Allium porrum : Leek

Molecular structure of

Allium porrum

Lecster ID:38 Edit Entry
Source Organism:Leek
Species:Allium porrum
Common Nomenclature:APA
Class:Monocot mannose-binding lectins
Index Nomenclature:LECp.All.Por.le.Hma1
Characterization Notes:High lectin concentrations have been found in the nectar of leek flowers. Pure preparations of shallot lectin strongly inhibit MT-4 cells by HIV-1 and HIV-2 in vitro. Of all the Alliaceaenlectins tested, leek lectin proved to be the most effective HIV inhibitor. See: Planta 1997 (201): 298-302
Biological Activity:The lectin readily agglutinates rabbit erythrocytes, but not human. See: Phytochemistry 1991 (30): 509-514
Source Tissue:leaves
References:Plant Molec. Biol. 1993 (23): 365-376

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