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Hura crepitans : Sand-box tree

Molecular structure of
Sand-box tree:HCA

Hura crepitans

Lecster ID:372 Edit Entry
Source Organism:Sand-box tree
Species:Hura crepitans
Common Nomenclature:HCA
Class:Type 2 RIP
Index (HCA)
Characterization Notes:
Biological Activity:The seed lectin agglutinates horse, rabbit, rat, pig, sheep and calf red blood cells as well as all human erythrocytes. In all cases, with the exception of pig erythrocytes, agglutination was enhanced by treatment of the cells with neuraminidase. See: Biochimica et Biophysic Acta 1980 (632);95-105 The latex lectin agglutinates all human erythrocytes. Both the seed and latex lectins have mitogenic activity for human T lymphocytes but not for B lymphocytes. Both Hura crepitans lectins inhibit protein synthesis in a reticulocyte lysate. Biochem J. 1983 (215); 433-439
Source Tissue:Seeds and latex
Inhibitors:N-acetyl-galactosamine and to a lesser degress D-galactose

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