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Homo sapiens :
Activated Leukocyte Adhesion Molecule (ALCAM)

Molecular structure of
:Activated Leukocyte Adhesion Molecule (ALCAM)

Homo sapiens

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Source Organism:
Species:Homo sapiens
Common Nomenclature:Activated Leukocyte Adhesion Molecule (ALCAM)
Index Nomenclature:LECh.Hom.Sapxx
Characterization Notes:CD6 and its ligand activated leukocyte cell adhesion molecule (ALCAM, CD166) have been detected on various immune cells and in the brain. CD6-ligand interactions have been implicated in the regulation of T cell function. See: Protein Sci 1997 Aug;6(8):1768-70 CD6-ligand interactions have been implicated in the regulation of T-cell adhesion and activation. CD6 is a member of the scavenger receptor family, whereas its human ligand (ALCAM) belongs to the immunoglobulin superfamily. The extracellular region of ALCAM includes five immunoglobulin-like domains. As a fusion protein, the N-terminal extracellular domain of ALCAM (ALCAMD1) binds specifically to CD6. See: Protein Sci 1995 Aug;4(8):1644-7
Biological Activity:Activated leukocyte cell adhesion molecule (ALCAM) and annexin II are involved in the metastatic progression of tumor cells after chemotherapy with Adriamycin. See: Clin Exp Metastasis 2000;18(1):45-50
Source Tissue:

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