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Homo sapiens :
Alpha-4 / Beta-7 Integrin

Molecular structure of
:Alpha-4 / Beta-7 Integrin

Homo sapiens

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Source Organism:
Species:Homo sapiens
Common Nomenclature:Alpha-4 / Beta-7 Integrin
Index Nomenclature:INTh.Hom.Sap.xx.Xxxx
Characterization Notes:The P7 integrins alpha4beta7 and alphaEbeta7 play a central role in chronic inflammation, mediating the trafficking, entry, and/or adhesion of lymphocytes in the inflamed pancreas and gut, and their ligands MAdCAM-1, VCAM-1 and E-cadherin are expressed on brain endothelial cells and/or on microvessels in the inflamed central nervous system. alpha4beta1, alpha4beta7, and alphaEbeta7 integrins may all play a contributory role in the progression of chronic forms of demyelinating disease, and together with their ligands could represent potential targets for improved treatment of some forms of multiple sclerosis. See: J Neuroimmunol 2000 Mar 1;103(2):146-52 Data show that protein synthesis-dependent upregulation of the functional beta7 integrin occurs under conditions when beta4 and beta1 integrins are fully expressed, indicating a sequential appearance of specific adhesion molecules on differentiating eosinophil progenitors. See: Allergy 2000 Sep;55(9):865-72. Previous studies of other atopic diseases and animal models suggest that adhesion molecules and mucosal lymphocytes may be implicated in the pathogenesis of food allergy (FA). One study's esults suggest that the increased expression of ICAM-1 and alpha(4)beta(7) integrin may play an important role in the pathogenesis of food hypersensitivity and with the elevation of CD4- and HLA-DR-positive cells reflect a stage of inflammation in the structurally normal intestines. See: Clin Immunol 2001 Jun;99(3):353-9
Biological Activity:
Source Tissue:
Inhibitors:Several phenylalanine based inhibitors were synthesized as antagonists of the leukocyte cell adhesion process that is mediated through the interactions of the mucosal addressin cell adhesion molecule (MAdCAM) and the integrin alpha4beta7. Analogues 20, 2

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