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Homo sapiens :
Galectin IX, Ecalectin

Molecular structure of
:Galectin IX, Ecalectin

Homo sapiens

Lecster ID:317 Edit Entry
Source Organism:
Species:Homo sapiens
Common Nomenclature:Galectin IX, Ecalectin
Class:Tandem Repeat S-lectin or galectin
Characterization Notes:The cellular source of ecalectin has been thought to be antigen-stimulated T cells. Galactoside-binding activity in ecalectin-induced eosinophil chemoattraction and the regulation of ecalectin expression in immune cells. See: Int Arch Allergy Immunol 2000 May;122 Suppl 1:6-9 Anti-galectin-9 antibody was detected in all 44 human sera tested by the immunoprecipitation assays, suggesting a widespread presence of galectin-9 autoantibodies in humans. The reactivity of the sera to galectin-9 was not inhibited by lactose or endoglycosidase treatment, indicating that the reactivity was not due to a nonspecific lectin- carbohydrate interaction. J Clin Immunol 1999 May;19(3):158-65
Biological Activity:The finding that the Ecalectin transcript is present in various lymphatic tissues and that its expression increases substantially in antigen-activated peripheral blood mononuclear cells suggests that Ecalectin is an important T cell-derived regulator of eosinophil recruitment in allergic reaction sites. See: Int Arch Allergy Immunol 1999;120 Suppl 1:7-10
Source Tissue:
Specificity:beta-galactoside sugars

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