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Homo sapiens :
Human Placenta Lectins (HPL-H, HPL-BG)

Molecular structure of
:Human Placenta Lectins (HPL-H, HPL-BG)

Homo sapiens

Lecster ID:290 Edit Entry
Source Organism:
Species:Homo sapiens
Common Nomenclature:Human Placenta Lectins (HPL-H, HPL-BG)
Index Nomenclature:LECh.Hom.Sap.xx.Xxxx
Characterization Notes:HPL-H binds heparin; HPL-BG is a 14K lectin that binds beta-galactoside. The interaction of HPL-H with naturally occurring heparin-like molecules may physiologically be involved in modulatory regulation of heparin-mediated processes.
Biological Activity:
Source Tissue:
Specificity:HPL-H binds heparin; HPL-BD binds beta galactoside
References:Biochemistry 1989 Aug 8;28(16):6531-8 J Biochem (Tokyo) 1987 Apr;101(4):987-95

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