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Hevea brasiliensis : Rubber tree
HBA, Hevein

Molecular structure of
Rubber tree:HBA, Hevein

Hevea brasiliensis

Lecster ID:279 Edit Entry
Source Organism:Rubber tree
Species:Hevea brasiliensis
Common Nomenclature:HBA, Hevein
Class:Chitin-binding lectin with hevein domain
Characterization Notes:Like Urtica dioca lectin Hevein has strong anti-fungal activity against several fungi. See: Planta 1991 (183); 258-264
Biological Activity:Hevein does not agglutinate rabbit, pigeon or human erythrocytes. See: Planta 1991 (183); 258-264
Source Tissue:Latex
Specificity:GlcNAc (oligomers)
References:Lect. Biol. Biochem. Clin. Biochem. 1997 (11) 18

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