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Dolichos biflorus : Horse gram
DBA-S, DBA-R, DB-58, DB-57, DB46

Molecular structure of
Horse gram:DBA-S, DBA-R, DB-58, DB-57, DB46

Dolichos biflorus

Lecster ID:207 Edit Entry
Source Organism:Horse gram
Species:Dolichos biflorus
Common Nomenclature:DBA-S, DBA-R, DB-58, DB-57, DB46
Class:Legume lectin
Index (DBA) (DB58) (DB57) (DB46)
Characterization Notes:For a characterization of DBA-R, see: Arch Biochem Biophys 1987 Nov 1;258(2):535-44 DBA represents about 10% of the toal soluble seed protein. The other lectins are only mnor proteins.
Biological Activity:DBA agglutinates blood group A1 specifically. The carbohydrate binding properties of the Dolichos biflorus seed lectin and DB58, a vegetative tissue lectin from this plant, were compared using two types of solid phase assays. Both lectins bind to hog blood group A + H substance and this binding can be inhibited with free blood group A + H substance. See: Glycoconj J 1994 Oct;11(5):395-9 DBA binds to squamous and adeno cancersof the lungs. See: Cancer 1992 (16G); 103-109
Source Tissue:Seed
Specificity:DBA: GalNAc (terminal non-reducing alpha GalNAc; GalNAc alpha (1,3)GalNAc (Forssman antigen) >GalNAc; Cad-antigen; blood group A1 DB58: Complex (unknown) DB57: Complex (unknown) DB46: GalNAc
References:J Biol Chem. 1975 Apr 10;250(7):2756-62. Biochemistry. 1970 Feb 17;9(4):869-77.

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