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Datura stramonium : Jimson weed, thorn apple

Molecular structure of
Jimson weed, thorn apple:DSA

Datura stramonium

Lecster ID:194 Edit Entry
Source Organism:Jimson weed, thorn apple
Species:Datura stramonium
Common Nomenclature:DSA
Class:Chitin-bindng lectins
Characterization Notes:DSA may have a role in cell-cell interactions. The Datura lectins resemble the chitin-binding lectins from Solanum and Lycopersicon.
Biological Activity:DSA is nonspecific in human erythrocyte ABO system. It agglutinates all human erythrocytes equally well. See: 1) The lectin also agglutinates Ehrlich ascites tumor cells and human erythrocytes. See: FEBS Letters 1981 (130); 149-152 DSA induces histamine release from rat peritoneal mast cells. See: General Pharm 1996 (27); 123-128 DSA exerts some anti-nutritive effects. See: Br J Nutrit 1993 (70); 313-321
Source Tissue:Seeds
Specificity:GlcNAc (oligomers)
Inhibitors:Not inhibited by simple sugars but is inhibited by a partial hydrolysate of chitin-containing mixture of polysaccharides from Aspergillus niger. The inhibitory effectivity of n-acetylglucosamine increases with chain length. See: Arch Biochem Biophys 1984
References:Biochim Biophys Acta 1978 Jan 25;532(1):92-7

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