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Aegilops geniculata :

Molecular structure of

Aegilops geniculata

Lecster ID:16 Edit Entry
Source Organism:
Species:Aegilops geniculata
Common Nomenclature:
Class:Hevein domain lectin, chitin binding
Index Nomenclature:LECp.Aeg.Gen.se.Hch1
Characterization Notes:Also identified in A. ligustica, A. markgrafii, A. neglecta, A. peregrina. The lectin in Aegilops geniculata is virtually identical to WGA. See: Planta 1983 (159); 105-111
Biological Activity:
Source Tissue:
Specificity:(GlcNAc)2, Neu5Ac, GlcNAc(oligomers>monomer>NANA)

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