Blood Type Diet®

1. Lab tests indicate dramatic decrease in blood cholesterol and triglycerides, lost 20+ lbs, digestion working much better, energy more stable throughout the day, clearer thinking. Even with a tendency to high insulin levels, everything got better on the plan. I practice acupuncture and herbal medicine and regularly recommend this to my patients.

-- From The Blood Type Diet Results Database

Lesson Eleven: Using Supplements Intelligently

Supplements are defined as food derivations, vitamins, minerals and herbs of a non-toxic nature.

Should You Take Supplements?

Supplements are best determined by your particular set of individualized needs. We recommend supplements be chosen by blood type. Whereas this was not always possible in years past, many blood type specific formulas are now available to suit a variety of needs.

Many people can benefit from supplements in conjunction with the Blood Type Diet, especially if the are following the diet in the hopes of helping to control specific health issues. In that case, using supplements that are designed specifically for an individual blood type can be quite beneficial.

Blood Type Specific Formulations

If you do choose to take supplements, North American Pharmacal makes high quality blood type based formulas. Their formulas are personally designed by Dr. D'Adamo and must meet his stringent requirements with regard to the quality of raw ingredients, binders and fillers and encapsulation.

RESOURCE: North American Pharmacal Online

Key Point: North American Pharmacal maintains an extensive e-store online, featuring products designed for use in enhancing the effectiveness of the Blood Type Diet. All of their products are formulated by Dr. D'Adamo or carry his endorsement.

Click here to access the NAP e-store.

RESOURCE: North American Product Catalog

Key Point: You can access the latest NAP product catalog online (Adobe acrobat .pdf file).

Click here to download the NAP catalog.

RESOURCE: The Dr. D'Adamo Supplement Determinator

Key Point: NAP is proud to announce the development of a new artificial intelligence program that can provide you with custom-tailored advice about which products are 'Right 4 Your Type.' Programmed by Dr. Peter D'Adamo, The Determinator uses the same decision-making criteria as does his real life, flesh and blood creator! Just fill out some basic information about yourself and press the button to see what The Determinator advises for you.

Click here to open The D'Adamo Supplement Determinator.

RESOURCE: The NAP Product Knowledge Base

Key Point: North American Pharmacal has a Knowledge Base that contains several excellent monographs on their most popular products.

Click here to open the NAP Product Knowledge Base.

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